10 Of Our ‘Blast From the Past’ Photos

The Media Team has been busy updating and uploading new photos that showcase the digital education revolution right from the beginning. Just as it happens when one looks through an old album, old photos spring up and make you smile, some leave you in awe and disbelief of ourĀ  your journey; Enjoy the blast from our past photos!

Blowing bubbles

GWF CEO Kate Groch with the Philippolis community children blowing some bubbles. Fun and ‘wonder-filled’.

Driving at School

Reflecting on some fun times; an old wrecked car is driven to ‘nowhere-land’ with GWF CEO Kate Groch taking a seat at the back and allowing the children to chose their destination and how they get there!

GWF mix (91)

The early days of Open Learning Academy when the then Head of programme Crispen Bvumbghe was teaching the kids how an interactive board works.

GWF mix (44)

One of the first groups to join Open Learning were the Hosanna Church Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), when only a few schools were outsourcing their digital learning to GWF’s digital campuses. Today, GWF reaches 5490 young learners through the Open Learning programme. We are amazed at how few desks were in the barn then!

GWF mix (50)

The first Bridging Academy Students accessing digital and excellent education at the new Hazyview Digial Learning Campus in 2012.

Owner Builders

From left to right: GWF Trustee Boyd Varty, Philippolis Digital Learning Campus Head Lulani Vermeulen, and GWF CEO Kate Groch as they set off on a mission to build the first ever creche (kindergarten) for the Bergmanshoogte community helped by volunteers who came from different parts of the world.

GWF mix (112)

August 2012, from left to right: GWF CEO Kate Groch, former South African Finance Minister Trevor Manuel and HDLC Executive board member Pastor Solly Mahaule. If you look at the vision discussed on that day for GWF, it has done beyond imagination and any plan ever could.


Madlala High School learners on their first ever International Computer Driving License (ICDL) exam. Some of these students are furthering their studies at different South African universities and higher learning institutions.

GWF mix (95)

The 2012 GWF team pose for a photo outside theĀ  newly launched Hazyview Digital Learning Campus. The team now has 80 staff members across all of its campuses.

GWF mix (27)

Hosanna Church OVC children were the pioneers of Open Learning, learning their math and English using digital boogie boards and tablets.

Compiled by the Hazyview Media Agency.