10 Real Success Steps for Women in I.T

We are excited to present a rural woman who has a realistic “10-step” plan (not the type of numbered plan you find in the glossy magazines). Goodness Mona is a CompTIA A+ student: she’s studying to become a computer technician. The thing is, she’s from Mkhuhlu and in her area she knows of only one man who has a profession in IT. And there certainly aren’t any women.

“My background will not determine where I go or end up, I will not allow it.”

But (and it’s a big “but”) Goodness is determined to change the perception that IT is a profession just for urban men. Why can’t rural women do it too?


“I heard a rumour that IT was impossible to pass and the modules were nothing but tech-jargon. But I decided to take the plunge. Yes, it has been challenging but what field of study isn’t challenging for a beginner?”

Across the internet we see the latest and greatest “listologies” all the time. The 10 best of this, or the five easiest ways to do that. I asked Goodness for her 10 success steps for women in IT, and the reality of her answer struck me as brilliant. This is the reality. This is life for a rural woman. But it sure isn’t going to stop her from getting it done:

  1. Wake up
  2. Bath
  3. Bet my younger siblings ready for school
  4. Prepare my IT study material and assignments
  5. Leave home with confidence
  6. Be proud of what I have chosen to do
  7. Go into class open-minded
  8. Ask lots of questions
  9. Engage with my peers and my teacher
  10. Allow my love of IT to do the rest

Written and photographed by Accolade Ubisi