10 Things You Didn’t Know About Madlala

You might say that Madlala Digital Learning Centre in Justicia village is the real outlier. Hazyview is rural, but Madlala is practically in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

Never-the-less, more than 50 young adults graduated with their International Computer Driving Licence in 2014.

Not bad for a town without a single tar toad!

Here are ten more things that you might not know about Madlala, Justicia and Madlala Digital Learning Centre:

1. Madlala High School has over 40 marula trees (43 to be specific)

A Madlala schoolyard gathering

A Madlala schoolyard gathering.

2. In 2013 Lihle Nkuna graduated with five distinctions, a first for Madlala High School and Justicia village 

3. In 2014, Madlala had 821 learners

4. In 2014, Madlala had 25 teachers excluding the principal

5. The oldest learner at Madlala Digital Learning Centre in 2014 was 54

6. Good Work Foundation provides Open Learning (digital, math’s and English literacy) to all 821 students


A Good Work Foundation Open Learning class for Grade 9′s at Madlala High School.

7. In 2015, GWF will provide Open Learning to a preschool in Justicia, which will mean that our youngest learner is 4, while our oldest learner is 54

8. Justicia village has a total population of 6846

9. In 2014, 29 Madlala Digital Learning Centre students from the Madlala Digital Learning Centre completed the De Beers English Olympiad

10. Linky Nkuna – Madlala Digital Learning Centre Coordinator – went to school at Madlala High School