10 year olds ask “What Now?!” After a Year of ‘Wonder-filled’ Learning

Good Work Foundation (GWF)’s Open Learning Programme has ignited a passion for computer programming and coding in 11 young students from the various schools that participate in GWF’s Open Learning Programme. These Grade Five learners were introduced to computers, Lego, puzzles, and a little bit of coding; all of which we refer to as ‘wonder-filled’ learning, a year ago.

Having completed that year on a very high note of excellent achievements, the 11 students felt they were ready to take on a more robust and challenging programme that would further teach them extensive knowledge on programing and coding.

GWF has since introduced YEP for Kids to the students, an organisation that focuses on youth entrepreneurship, and programing as well as coding and understanding coding languages such as Python, which is a widely used coding language in the science and computer industry. This is done through computer programs and applications that relate to STEM (Science, Technology, Economics, and Maths.)

The students together with GWF Open Learning + Coordinator Selby Mokoena attend weekly classes conducted by Yep for Kids teachers through Google classrooms and Video call. This has been an exhilarating experience for young rural children who had never before clicked a mouse, but today are learning to communicate in computer coding languages.

We are no fortune tellers but we do predict that there will be earth shuttering inventions from these young dedicated and capable boys and girls as they continue to learn and understand computers and technology lengthily.

It is amazing that children, who only knew and understood technology from regular cell phones, now get to challenge a whole team’s innovation and creativity after just one year of amazing adventure into the digital world. Good Work Foundation looks forward to another innovation sparking question of ‘what next’ after Yep for Kids at the end of this year.


Top performing students that are interested in learning more about coding and programming at the Hazyview Digital Learning Campus during one of their video classes.


This learning method also allows the Open Learning Academy students to engage with kids of the same age and grade and are also interested in computer programming and coding, all the way in America.


GWF Tech Support Aban Machavana and Open Learning+ Coordinator Selby Mokoena stand by to ensure that all lesson happening within the cloud run smoothly.

Written by Hazyview Media Agency.