200 New Students

On Tuesday 22 October CEO of Good Work Foundation, Kate Groch, welcomed the newest group of Absa sponsored students to Hazyview Digital Learning Centre.

Absa Bank is generously sponsoring 200 new students through the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) programme as well as the hospitality career-training programme.

Many of the students – all from rural areas – have little experience using computers for business functions, including document preparation, database management and online information navigation.

During the welcome session, Kate announced that Good Work Foundation would be offering two “upgrades” to its programme for the 2013/2014 academic year:

“We are entering our second academic year as a Digital Learning Centre that provides world-class education” said Kate Groch. “And in moving forward, we are also introducing change. First, all of our learners will receive business-English tuition in addition to their digital literacy and hospitality career-training courses. Second, together with Mo Groch, students will have access to aptitude and vocation assessments, allowing them to identify and build on their strengths.”

According to Kate, the addition of business-English is a “no-brainer”.

“When a Good Work Foundation student graduates, it is essential that they walk out into the world speaking ‘English’ and ‘computer’. They need to arrive at interviews and surprise potential employers with their ability to communicate effectively. But, there is no reason why a student shouldn’t be able to sit at one of our computers and get a degree from anywhere in the world. Confidence in English writing and reading is a necessity.”

To all of our new learners, good luck. Together with Absa we have opened the “door”. Now it is up to all of you to grab this opportunity.