3 Beliefs Anchoring the Good Work Foundation Mission

You might have a good idea about what we do at Good Work Foundation. But quite rightly, you might want to cut through the what and the how and get straight to the “why you do it”.

Here are three beliefs that anchor what we do every day:

1.     We believe that education innovation can come to rural Africa.

Access to great teachers, great technology, great curriculums and the internet in rural Africa. Today it’s possible. Tablets make it possible. Cloud-based learning. Forward-thinking apps. Online course material. High-speed broadband. Inspired teachers. If we can use digital technology to leapfrog existing education structures, then we can change the lives of an entire generation of young people in rural Africa. And we believe we can.


Her primary school doesn’t have a computer lab, but that’s okay, she’s using the Hazyview Open Learning Academy to become digitally literate.

2.     We believe that every student deserves the best.

It should never matter where you are born, you must have the opportunity to fulfill your potential and add value to your own community. By harnessing technology, we believe we can create Digital Learning Centres: central community spaces that immerse rural students in learning experiences that are presented as they would be in the world’s most technologically advanced classrooms.

An Information-Communication Technology class at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre.

An Information-Communication Technology class at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre.

3.     We believe in Ubuntu.

“I am, because of you.” We believe in friends. Retired teachers. Elders from the community. Visitors from overseas. College professors. Ivy League universities. Mothers and fathers. We believe that an ecology of learning is supported by mentors who are invested in helping teachers and learners approach life thoughtfully and creatively. Sharing ideas. Moving forward together.

Judy talks "communication"

Judy Guffey, a veteran educator from the USA, delivers a series of communication workshops at Madlala Digital Learning Centre.