4 Rules of Social Media

Rule #1: Whatever the social network, respect your audience

Are you thoughtful about who is watching/looking/listening? Do you understand that just because an article is on Facebook or Twitter, it doesn’t mean that it is responsible (e.g. “this woman had sex with a horse…”)? Are you aware that, by default, you are mixing personal and professional on your social media? What do is meant by that? Are you aware that you can be dismissed for inappropriate behaviour on Facebook? Are you aware that what you post on Facebook can affect your future employment prospects?

  • Do not  post  a photo of yourself when under the influence of alcohol
  • Do not post a sexual photo of your partner in their underwear
  • You may share a responsible link about a topic that you’re  interested in or something humorous
  • Do not post a negative comment about your work, colleagues or  boss
  • You may post an appropriate photo of yourself enjoying a day out with friends
  • Do not share a link to a video showing pornographic activity even if the post was not yours, you  were just sharing the link
  • Do not comment on someone else’s post in a rude, offensive or judgmental way
  • Do not make your political, religious or ideological views obvious on social media

Rule #2: Use social media in a responsible, positive & thought-provoking way

The greatest power of social media is its potential to spread good or bad ideas. Be a thought-leader and start sharing useful and empowering information with your community.

  • Do not ever share videos or articles without reading/watching them first
  • Distinguish between an article/video that is asking questions or “enquiring” versus an article that is giving a one-sided view and/or “prescribing”
  • Share socially conscious news on social media
  • Share inspiring and/or uplifting news on social media

Rule #3: Use social media to learn

  • Follow Facebook pages that will have a positive influence on your career
  • Follow Twitter accounts that will help you develop your career
  • Familiarise yourself with the following social media platforms:

-  TED Education

-  Mindshift

-  Edutopia

-  Free Tech for Teachers

Rule #4: Use social media to improve your life

We are all trying to improve. That’s why we are here, that’s why we are part of this team.

Thoughtful usage of social media can help you:

  • Improve our digital skills
  • Improve our English or communication skills
  • Improve our exposure to ideas in the world
  • Improve our general knowledge
  • Improve our “industry-specific” knowledge
  • Improve our interaction with our community/communities
  • Improve our own personal profiles

Sometimes rules as simple as these four could have the potential to build or brake your professional profile. Learn them, and use them wisely.



Written by the GWF Media Academy.