5 Fun Facts About Ouma Issy

There are some people who smile whatever the weather, who give whatever their own circumstances, and who care for people no matter how many times they have been hurt. Ouma Issy Padda – an institution in Philippolis – is one of those people.

Here are five fun facts about this amazing woman:

1. Ouma Issy has been on the Good Work Foundation (GWF) Philippolis team in the Free State since 2006 – she is one of the longest standing members of our team

2. “Ouma” is the Afrikaans word for grandmother, and Ouma Issy is a warm, generous and big-hearted woman, with a laugh that will make your day, every day

3. Ouma Issy started working with Kate Groch in 2006 in the kitchen, cooking food for volunteers who were helping with various building projects

4. Today, with the help of GWF, Ouma Issy heads up the Phili Sewing Project and produces beautiful linens under the label “Made with Love by Ouma Issy”

5. Ouma Issy is a firm-believer in the fact that you’re never too old to learn: she is a GWF student at the English literacy classes at Philippolis Digital Learning Centre

Issy Padda

Ouma Issy at home in Philippolis


Made with love by Ouma Issy

Ouma Issy's handmade protective hardware covers in the brand new Philippolis Digital Learning Centre.

Ouma Issy’s handmade protective hardware covers in the new Philippolis Digital Learning Centre.