5 Helpful Hints for CV Writing

Nedbank conducted a career-skills workshop at Good Work Foundation early in July. These were highly informative days for both the staff and the students at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre.

“Great things begin with great people”, said Kate Groch, CEO of GWF. “Students must be equipped with the knowledge to face the world as soon as they step out of this centre’s doors.”

Seminars during the two-day workshop included: (1) CV Writing; (2) Telephonic Interviews; (3) Volunteerism; (4) Pursuing a career, and (5) Environmental sustainability.


Amos from Nedbank leads a session on the principles of CV writing.

Here are five points you may not know about writing your CV:

  • A CV should never exceed two pages – keep it brief and concise
  • CVs should be customised so that they are relevant to the job and the industry that an applicant is applying for
  • References should not be underestimated. They allow the employer to guage what kind of person you are in the work place and also what your personality might contribute to their organisation. Do not be afraid of including a mix of professional and personal references
  • Avoid numbering CVs
  • Proofreading is critical. If a potential employer spots a typo or spelling error, your CV is likely to move to the bottom of the pile

“ I thought I knew how to write a CV, but compared to the information I received here, I don’t really think that I would be employed by even a single employer because of many mistakes I made in my CV writing”, said Nomakhosi Ndhlovu, a student at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre.


Students laugh as Refiloe demonstrates how NOT to answer your phone if it could be a potential employer phoning

Mpho interviewing Nedbank workshop leaders, Ayn and Refiloe

Mpho interviewing Nedbank workshop leaders, Ayn and Refiloe

Thank you to Ayn, Vanessa, Refiloe and Amos from Nedbank for an incredible two days.

If there are any other helpful CV writing hints that you would add, please share your thoughts below.

By: Mpho Lebyane