6 Top Email ‘Netiquette’ Tips

Ever wondered if your email etiquette might be letting you down? Think about it – we’re taught how to use email, but it’s only through experience that we learn how to formulate the content within an email.

“So many of our students use short-hand when they’re typing an email,” says Good Work Foundation ICDL Facilitator, Abna Machavana. “You cannot use ‘txt’ language in a professional email – it says all the wrong things about you.”

ICT Academy Facilitator, Abna Machavana, presents a class on email "netiquette".

ICT Academy Facilitator, Abna Machavana, presents a class on email “netiquette”.

Following on from Monday’s tips on the principles of writing a professional Curriculum Vitae, here are Abna’s top tips for email “netiquette”:

  • Greetings make a huge difference. Even if you are the CEO, make sure your tone is amiable and greet the person you are addressing. “Hello Abna” is much more inviting than simply “Abna,”
  • Reply courteously, even if you think someone else has been rude
  • As a rule of thumb, do not enter into conflicts over email. Rather: (a) Have a meeting or telephone call with the person you need to resolve the issue with; (b) Seek guidance or advice from a mentor; and (c) Adhere to the old adage, “just because someone else does something, does not mean that you need to as well”
  • Never use “Reply to All” to e-tattle, scold, correct or send nasty comments back to the Sender
  • Take the time to reply to emails, even if a simple “thanks” is all that’s needed
  • Double check that the correct recipients are listed. Too often people make the mistake of sending an email to someone else by mistake

Are there any email netiquette tips that you would add here? Join the conversation by leaving your tips in the comments section below.