7 Best Photos from Huntington’s First Graduation

Graduation. We weren’t sure that we were going to make it, to be honest.

Delays in the building of Huntington Digital Learning Campus meant that doors only opened in June 2017, halfway through the academic year (see the launch photos here).

So with a brand new team of facilitators and a new head of campus, we were seriously under the proverbial whip.

Our entire team at Good Work Foundation stepped in. From the Group Support Team, to facilitators from other campuses, and volunteers from around the world. Everyone did what they could to get our students through the Bridging Academy in six months.

This is a course that normally takes one year!

Classes went on for longer. There were no end-of-term holidays. And when we had to, we opened on Saturdays.

And what a testament to the young team who are spearheading this campus: 58 young adults graduated on 14 December, 2017. The average International Computer Driving License pass rate was 84%. Wow!

Thank you to the people and organisations who came together from around the world to make this happen: More Community Trust, Lion Sands Game Reserve, Warthog Wallow Trust, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), Investec, David & Evelyn White and Larry & Christy Hierholzer.


1. Kate Groch congratulates one of Huntington village’s first ever Bridging Academy graduates. 


2. The joy on graduation day was electric. Have a look at Jane Mandlazi (back). Jane is Head of Campus at Huntington Digital Learning Campus was so proud of every single student!


3. Photo bomb: Huntington’s Bridging Academy Coordinator, Yingisani Khoza celebrates behind her Head of Campus, Jane Mandlazi.


4. The graduates amazed everyone and scored an average of 84% for their International Computer Driving License (ICDL).


5. Facilitators who create the “wonder-filled” learning at Huntington Digital Learning Campus celebrate as their students graduate.


6. A total of 58 students graduated and we are almost certain that this must have been one of 2017′s most rural graduation celebrations.


7. A group photo with our friends from More Community Trust and Lions Sands who are the primary funders of Huntington Digital Learning Campus.