A CEO and Daughter’s Tribute to Gogo Mo on her 70th Birthday

In Africa the tradition has always been to learn from our elders under the Trees. To tap into their wisdom and to make use of their wise counsel. At Good Work Foundation (GWF) we are passionate to keep this tradition a part of our new and digital model. As we challenge education and ensure everyone has access to learning and reaching their full potential.

That is why we have a digital tree in our barn. Our symbol to be African and great. We still learn from our elders under the Tree, even though the teachers under the Digital Tree are from all over the world and are sometimes even virtual.

And that is also why we have Gogo Mo. As you all, as friends of GWF know, we are lucky to have her as part of our team, our elder and teacher.

She is wisdom in a young team, she is compassion in busy times and she is the calm in this passionate and youthful organisation. She is a hug for a staff member on a bad day. She is a keeper of their dreams and ambitions and a firm talking to if needed. She is a constant in the busyness of all we do every day and she is Love; for the mission and its people.

Gogo Mo loves to tell guests and staff that if I had known when I was a teenager that we would be working so closely together, that I would probably have run away. She also tells people that she is the only one who can also give the CEO a “time out” She is probably right on both accounts. But luckily I am older and wiser now and understand all she is and the vital role she can play in this education revolution.

We are all so very grateful for the person she is and the space she holds for us all at GWF. As Maya said to me the other day: “She can’t believe that Gogo is turning 70 because she does so much, she must only be 40 or 50.” Yes she does so much and seems much younger but we are grateful for the wisdom of her 70 years.


Gogo Mo with the Good Work Foundation team at Hazyview Digital Learning Campus.

My sisters and I are lucky to call her “mom” and her six grandchildren are super lucky to call her “Gogo”. But we happily share her as she is Gogo to many. Thank you Gogo.

Gogo we all love you and thank you for being GWF’s Gogo.

And a very happy 70th Birthday

All my love,



Witness, Lina and Linky dance to celebrate our Gogo.


Amukelani gives Gogo a gift of memories.


Gogo Mo used the branch of a buffalo thorn to pass on some wisdom about celebrating your past as well as your future.