A Digital Connection that Had Led to Profound Spiritual Growth

Editor’s Note: The following blog has been written by our very own Gay Sibuyi, head of Good Work Foundation’s digital literacy programmes for adults in rural Mpumalanga. As part of our drive to explore the possibilities of digital connections, in 2015, Gay has had the opportunity to connect to certified life-coach, Terri Fedonczak. Thing is, Terri lives on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in Florida, USA. That hasn’t stopped these two women from engaging on a number of life and career topics, and below is a little something that Gay has written. 

I am light-hearted, looking at my past with GRATITUDE, living the present with PASSION and looking to the future with HOPE that life is what I make it.

My life is filled with miracles. I am grateful for this smart lady called Terri Fedonczak, the founder of an organisation called Girl Power For Good and a certified Martha Beck Life Coach.

The experience of our Skype sessions has been amazing and transforming.


Gay Sibuyi (left) and Terri Fedonczak (right)

I had an opportunity to change and take charge of my life. I have obtained skills to create a loving, happy environment for myself, by being grateful for every day and for the small things that are part of my daily habits. Especially for things that I usually take for granted, like taking a shower.

Because we live in a fast moving world, we tend to forget how precious life is. We keep our happiness on hold and prioritise material things. We focus our time and energy on big dreams that can be stressful and time consuming. We discount small things that can bring an amazing experience to our life.

One of the most valuable lessons I will take away from this connection is the ability to engage in “thought work” – identifying my thoughts and how they make me feel. The power of positive thought inspires a life filled with miracles.

Only you can change your world. Your are accountable to yourself!

Be blessed.

Gay Sibuyi


Gay Sibuyi is Head of ICDL at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre.