A Hero is about to Set Sail for Sarasota

This is a story of firsts!

Paris Moeng was our first ever adult Absa-sponsored student to enroll at Hazyview Digital Learning Campus (HDLC) in 2012.

In 2014, Paris won the Leanna Knopik Cup for the student with the biggest heart.

In 2015, Paris became an IT Academy Facilitator at HDLC and helped us to bring home a CompTIA award for most growth in an academic partner.

In 2016, Paris became the first HDLC student to be employed into the HDLC Call Centre as an IT support engineer outsourced to T-Systems South Africa.

And now, in 2017, Paris will have some firsts of his own.

In two week’s time he flies to America (for the first time) to attend our fundraising event, Safari Sarasota, in Florida. But before that, there was the small problem of getting to Cape Town for a US visa.

Thank you Airlink for taking Paris on his inaugural flight. As well as an approved visa, Paris also got to dip his feet into the sea for the first time. The next time he does that will be in the warm waters of Sarasota Bay. Hopefully with a colourful drink in hand.

To our friends at the All Heart Fund, T-Systems South Africa, Londolozi, Absa and Airlink – thanks for making dreams come true. This was one day in Cape Town that will be remembered for a lifetime.


Paris’ first EVER flight. Thank you SAA Airlink for making dreams come true.


Was Paris nervous? Yes, but it last all of 15 minutes. After that, he could comfortably look out the window without his legs shaking.


Me and Paris on Boyes Drive in Cape Town. Muizenberg in the background. Paris said” “Are those animals in the water down there?” I said, “No Paris, those are surfers!”


Meeting a seal in Kalk Bay harbour. That’s as close as Paris would go.


First time on a beach. Not just any beach, but the beautiful Long Beach in Noordhoek on the Cape Peninsula.


It was a perfect day in Cape Town. No wind, no rain. Blue skies all the way. I had to remind Paris that the weather isn’t always as forgiving on the Cape Peninsula!


In two week’s time Paris will be standing on a beach in Florida, talking at Safari Sarasota, an All Heart Fund event. Thank you to our friends and family in Florida for this truly wonderful opportunity.


Inspired by Leanna! A moment of love in the sand. Priceless.


Looking out over the Atlantic from Chapman’s Peak Drive.


A quick stop at Origin, the famous coffee roasters, for lunch before our flight back to Mpumalanga.

Written by Ryan James