A New Project in Cape Town

Good Work Foundation (GWF) has partnered with travel company Rhino Africa on their long-time project to support the teachers and staff of Khumbalani Day Care Centre in Khayelitsha, just outside of Cape Town.

Khumbalani is a centre for children and adolescents (0 to 13 years old) and was set up by Gloria Bebeza as a safe-haven for HIV infected or affected children. Gloria cares for about 160 children daily, and, in addition to this, Gloria runs a soup kitchen for the local community feeding up to 350 people a day!

Rhino Africa has been supporting Khumbalani for several years with monthly donations, and by feeding Gloria’s children. GWF’s involvement comes in the form of formal teacher training, led by Di Myburgh, who is the GWF Preschool Coordinator.

“The teachers at Khumbalani have not had access to formal teacher training or early childhood development guidance” says Di Myburgh, “and so our mandate has been to implement the ‘Shape’ Grade R (kindergarten) syllabus for 2014. ‘Shape’ is basically Grade R in a box. It contains the instructions for the annual curriculum, including daily, weekly and monthly activities. It also contains all of the materials, from gold stars, alphabet and number trains, stories and crayons to a teacher’s guide to student evaluation. It is a formalised curriculum that helps teachers to get kids ‘school ready’”.

The ‘Shape’ syllabus is an innovative and practical way to help carers who are in the position to create a more structured programme for the children that they look after. David Ryan and his team at Rhino Africa have helped to stabilise Gloria’s initiative and have – through various afterschool programmes and feeding schemes – been able to support Gloria in creating a safe environment for the children. The next step is formalising the education so that these children have the best chance of success once they get to Grade One.

In January 2014, Di Myburgh will be back in Cape Town guiding the teachers as they work through the first week of the ‘Shape’ syllabus. After that, GWF will provide continued training and support throughout the year.

Through our established alliance with Rhino Africa, GWF has been able to gain both expertise and experience in the area of informal preschool development and support. We now have the opportunity to work with Rhino Africa on a project that they have started and seen grow. Through our joint efforts this is an opportunity to make a long-term difference in the lives of children who haven’t had an easy start.

Rhino Africa, let’s do it!


Kate Groch
CEO, Good Work Foundation