A Young Rural Woman Has Something Important to Share

Digital student, young woman, and wise being, Girly Khosa, deserves a moment. There are three very important lessons we can all take away from her story (and this story).

1. Saying “thank you” is one of life’s most important lessons

Girly is one our first ever adult student at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre to write a letter to the GWF team saying “thank you.” And that was after day one of her studies. In a world where we’re sometimes too busy, too involved or too stressed to write letters, this young lady has already learnt one of life’s most important lessons.

“Firstly, I would like to thank you, Kate Groch, the GWF’s CEO and your entire team for this opportunity to study International Compter Driving Licence in your campus. This will enable me to explore many things in life. I am aware that there are many people who want to study here, but you made sure that you choose me among many other students. And for that, I will forever be thankful to you.”

2. Love yourself enough to invest in your future, no matter what’s happened in your past

Girly experienced a series of failures in her academic years, having to repeat Grade 11 and 12. She almost lost hope, but when the opportunity to study at GWF came up, she was first in line. Here is what Girly has to say about education:

“In this world we are living in, without education you are nothing. You don’t even stand a chance of presenting yourself in front of other people. As Nelson Mandela said: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon to overcome anything in the world.’”

3. Stick your neck out

Not everyone else repeats a grade when they fail. Not everyone else is first in line when an opportunity knocks. Not everyone else thinks to say “thank you.” In life we can choose to accept the status quo, or challenge it. We can choose to accept failure or try again. We can choose to blend in with the crowd, or walk our own path.

Girly gets it!

A short note from Kate Groch:

“As educators, you will never know where your influence will end; and every day you spend a lot of time giving of yourself. When somebody comes back to say ‘Thank you’, it allows you to start to understand how far your influence has reached. But when a student thanks you for the opportunity when they begin, you know your influence will be infinite. In the spirit of making sure we say “thanks”, I would like to add – thank you to the ongoing support of Absa Bank for backing so many of the young people from around Hazyview.”


Girly Khosa with GWF CEO, Kate Groch.