Barclays’ Ready-to-Work programme Supplements Digital Learning at GWF Campuses

Barclays’ ReadytoWork online learning programme has been added to the Absa Bridging Academy curriculum at all Good Work Foundation (GWF) Campuses. Hazyview Digital Learning Campus (HDLC) students started their first online class last Wednesday, with much success and excitement.

The programme started as a once off workshop for GWF students and facilitators, but has since been added as a weekly online learning class, all in accordance to GWF’s mission to provide access to digital education to rural learners.

The programme has four accredited modules; Money skills, People skills, Work skills as well as Entrepreneurial skills, which are all essential to school-leavers who will one day join the working economy.

“These young people are being given ‘access’, something many young South Africans need, to boost and sustain the country’s economy in the long run and ultimately secure a job position for themselves. There is no better way to achieving this than equipping these students with the correct set of skills such as the ones the ReadytoWork programme has introduced at GWF’s learning centres,” said Head of GWF Team Leadership and Development Mo Groch.

This programme is added to the list of advantages each and every student will graduate with from GWF campuses.

“ReadytoWork has come to these students’ rescue. As a ReadytoWork facilitator, I find it as a learning opportunity for both my students and me. I believe with such skills we are creating better young people for South Africa and also creating opportunities for future entrepreneurs,” said Njabulo Mashele.

GWF would like to thank the Barclays team for all the work they have been doing to assist GWF make the implementation of this programme a success.

An Internation Computer Driving License student Elain Nyathi is very excited about Ready to Work programme that she's doing at HDLC

An International Computer Driving License student, Elain Nyathi, logs into Barclays’ ReadytoWork programme for the first time at HDLC.

Njabulo Mashele believes that the Bridging Academy students are headed to the world of young people who are able to deal with credit, and working towards creating their own businesses.

Njabulo Mashele introduces ReadytoWork to students at the Hazyview Digital Learning Campus.

International Computer Driving License Facilitator Emelder helps ICDL students about the Ready to work Programme that is sponsored by Barclay's

International Computer Driving License Facilitator, Emelda Mlambo, helps ICDL students access the Readytowork online learning programme sponsored by Barclays.

They are ready to rock like true rural rock stars with Ready to Work

The programme has four accredited modules; Money skills, People skills, Work skills as as well as Entrepreneurial skills, which are are all essential for school-leavers who will one day join the working economy.

Written by Mpho Lebyane.