Bobbi Brown Connects to GWF

“Doing for others is the best kind of doing.”

That’s according to preeminent make-up artist, Bobbi Brown, who visited Londolozi and Good Work Foundation (GWF) in 2013. Bobbi described the work that we do at Good Work Foundation as “powerful” and, as soon as she was home, she arranged a donation drive at her New York office.

Bobby’s aim with this drive was to empower Africa’s rural women, in fact, in America Bobbi is involved with a charity that does just that, giving underprivileged women attractive clothes and make-up to wear to job interviews.

Bobbi Brown

Madlala Digital Learning Centre students do a “New York” pose in their new clothes

This overlapped perfectly with a cultural program that Linky Nkuna has been running at GWF’s Madlala Digital Learning Centre (MDLC). Many of Linky’s students have become V-Girls activists, as well as “Teenagers Against Drug Abuse.”

To say thank you to her group of students, and to celebrate 2013 – a year of arts, culture and expression at MDLC – Linky and Good Work Foundation shared Bobbi Brown’s gifts with this beautiful group of young ladies.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown make-up in the rural village of Justicia

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown

Linky and one of her Madlala Digital Learning Centre digital literacy students

“Having a vision for yourself for the future is so important” said Linky Nkuna, Project Coordinator at MDLC. “For Bobbi Brown – a self-made, successful businesswomen – to think of us, to encourage us, and to inspire us with her story and generosity meant a lot to our group. We might be in a rural space, but we’re connecting with powerful and influential women from around the world.”

Bobbi didn’t forget the “digital” preschoolers either, and clothes that were donated were shared in two preschools supported by Good Work Foundation, including the Londolozi Preschool.


A Londolozi preschooler in his new t-shirt


Check out my new hat

Our mission at Good Work Foundation is to digitally empower adults and schoolchildren living in rural areas. Yes that means educational apps and cloud-based curriculums, but it also means connecting with the world and being inspired and motivated by “wayfinders” and leaders.

Thank you Bobbi Brown for connecting New York to South Africa. Thank you for sharing and for being a terrific role model!