Coming to Rural South Africa in 2016: Lego, Coding & Robotics

Digital Education Africa is hosted annually with the purpose of allowing delegates from all around the world to share and impart ideas on how to enhance the use of technology and devices to create an interesting learning environment.

In October, Kate Groch (GWF CEO) and Crispen Bvumbghe (GWF Head of Open Learning) attended the conference in Johannesburg with the intention of looking at ways to improve and extend the Open Learning Academy, a digital learning programme that GWF has implemented in South Africa’s rural areas.

“Learning is more effective when it is fun,” says Crispen.“I found myself nodding throughout the workshops, because as I listened, all the topics discussed were relevant to our own model of education. Most important was the fact that we – at GWF – are using most of the devices said to be suitable to enhance learning through technology. We might be rural, but we are still world-class,” added Crispen.

GWF has adopted an education model that believes that children learn best when they are allowed to do the learning in a fun and creative way. This is made possible through the use of various digital devices where children engage in gamification for learning.

There are many new ideas that GWF will be implementing in 2016, but perhaps most exciting is Open Learning Plus. This will be a smaller programme that takes the most talented and curious group of learners who are part of Open Learning, and provides workshops in activities like programming, coding, lego, movies, poetry and games, such as Minecraft.

“We have always said we deliver access to world-class education,” says GWF CEO Kate Groch. “Now we’re taking it one step further. We are already in talks with the team from Boxes of lego are arriving, and we are just about to introduce ‘Dot’ and ‘Dash’ – a system that combines coding with robotics for children. In 2016, Open Learning Plus will lay the foundations for the future entrepreneurs of not just the Silicon Bushveld, but also the Silicon Valley.”


The team at GWF always creates the most fun environment for the kids to get the best learning experience out of Open Learning.

This is robbot is called Dash, which kids can program.

This robot is called Dash and it can be programmed by children.

Lego education has been introduced in the Open Learning plus.

Lego education has been introduced in the Open Learning Plus.


Written by the GWF Media Academy.