Dear Madiba, Yes You Will Always Be Loved!

Dear Tata, late Nelson

Tata Madiba, our hero

Our great, late father

The father of the nation,

The heart of the nation,

Our freedom fighter,

The king of the kings


You fought for our freedom,

You fought best for the best,

You gave us hope in education,

You changed the world,

You saved the world

When you said “education is the most powerful weapon,

A weapon we can use to change the world.”


The words live in our hearts,

They inspire us,

They motivate us, the importance of education,

As you fought for us,

As you granted us access to education,

Without you, we wouldn’t be who we are today,

Without you, we wouldn’t have what we have today,

We wouldn’t have the access to this ‘free education’,

You made the impossible to be possible,

You sacrificed you, your life and everything for us

Yes, you will always be loved

Yes you will always remain in our hearts.


Written by HDLC Open Learning Academy Facilitator Glenrose Mashego.