Dear Youth: Capitalism is a Global Failed State

Dear Youth,

Normally I would start with something corny about youth being wasted on the young but I no longer believe that. Mostly because of the incredible advancement we see in the field of anti-aging.

In the next few years I might have a new heart grown with stem cells to replace my old ticker or perhaps someone will 3D-print a new cochlea for my friend who is hard of hearing and use a nano technological robot to insert it.

Maybe none of the above will be important because my consciousness has been downloaded via a bio optic thread into a dimensional avatar that has allowed my sentience to become mobile. This is a fact: the body might become an outdated technology.

Here is another fact: in the next 20 years the career as the guiding thread of purpose for life in the first world will disappear.

Self-driving cars, robots and advanced artificial intelligence will occupy and streamline and ultimately replace millions of jobs. The implications of this on how the third world “develops” will be a complete game changer.

Who knows what this will mean to the structures of the global economy. Will a monetary system be able to survive this? Will it evolve or devolve?

One thing is for sure: capitalism is a global failed state. How do I know this? Well I have seen it first-hand. Sea lions dying off the coast of California because there are no fish left. Fires raging across the world. Syria which, make no mistake, is a war that began because of a severe drought that sowed the seeds for decent. Syria is our first climate change war.

This year, for the first time in the modern history of America, a health warning has been issued to travel to an American state (Florida) because the Zika virus has arrived with an increase in mean temperature.

Youth, we stand now at the nexus of one of the most uncertain times in human history.

We are destroying our home. At the same time the possibilities for innovation are truly on an exponential growth curve.

Innovation is bringing us an explosion in solar technology. This free energy means you have the power to get educated almost anywhere.

Innovation means we could desalinate the oceans and have ample water. Innovation could bring millions of new outlooks to the global mind called the Internet. Working together in a global cloud we cannot even begin to imagine what life and environment-changing technologies could be created.

So youth what does this all have to do with you?

Whether you live in a mud hut in Mkhuhlu or a mansion in Beverly Hills the world is going to change radically in your time under your nose in ways you can’t imagine.

A lot is going to come down to you because governments are a lost cause the world over.

So here is what I would suggest youth. Just my thoughts … I wouldn’t impose them on you. I know how much you hate that. It’s time for the new old ways. You have to reimagine the way we live. We have to give up the idea that more is more.

It’s time for us to create spaces that reflect the value of enough.

I think what you should shoot for is to form up into small communities that are both very technologically advanced and very earthed. Free of political affiliation and completely self-sustaining and decentralised.

Make your community a pocket of light in the world. Use the Internet on your phone to teach yourself everything from how to build a solar panel to how to vertical permaculture.

Create diversity in your community. Sit under trees together and have long talks about what you actually want, not what you have been told to want.

Rely on each other, don’t compete with each other.

Think global. Reach out into the infinity of the web and connect with people. Share what you are doing as you create your pocket of light and ask other people to share with you. Build a global following as you work locally.

Cultivate what it means to be human. I mean fully human: not perfect but whole. Wholeness means you will be more in touch with yourself and what makes you unique and that’s where unseen innovation is born: out of that unique you.

Learn to follow your curiosity. It will guide you in uncertain times to unusual places. Being curious is the mechanism by which your life pulls you towards a destiny you couldn’t imagine for yourself.

So there you have it youth.

Let me recap in twitter speak.





I hope we find a way to live better. More simply and with more people we love close by.

Written by Boyd Varty, World village builder and Good Work Foundation Trustee  


Boyd Varty in the Londolozi Ubuntu Hut.