Dear Youth: My Letter to You is in Fact an Invitation…

My letter to you, dear youth, is in fact an invitation…

Be in the now, give each moment the importance and the focus it deserves.

Live in respect of who you want to be in the future and of the earth you are living in and in a distant day your children, aunt and grandchildren will be stepping on.

Believe in yourself, even when the hour is dark, also when challenges seem insuperable… there always is a way and you have it in you.

Dream and strive to make your dreams come true because it is up to you! Life gives us opportunities and chances to grasp and transform in what we wish for. There will be setbacks, there always are, remember though everything happens for a reason and to help you see clearer the path to follow.

Smile for this is the greatest gift you can give to the world and also to yourself and it will be rewarded tenfold.

Cry, if crying is required as every emotion is legitimate, necessary and deserves to be lived.

Share as anything kept only for yourself will be limited whilst sharing will make it more beautiful. And even if you have nothing or especially in those moments you have nothing share.

Accept the hardship and the difficulty you may encounter on your path, it is there for a reason and it will make you stronger.

Give without expecting to receive, give for giving sake, savour the joy giving will reward you with and see with amazement how much you will receive because you gave without expectation.

Love, love your family, your friends, your boy or girl friend, your husband or wife, your children. It may hurt at times, most often it will be wonderful though and your loving will make your lifeĀ  full of sunshine and your existence sweeter.

Believe in yourself – you are a beautiful creature and you have the possibility to write on the pages of this book we call life – your life and so be the author, the narrator, the creator and believe in yourself and in what you want this book to be about.

Written by GWF volunteer Julia Annette.