Digital Pen Pals. South Africa talks to Scotland.

A few weeks ago we facilitated the first interactive Skype “class” between Good Work Foundation’s Londolozi Preschool and our friends in Scotland at Pine Trees Nursery School.

The Londolozi Preschool is based at Londolozi Private Game Reserve deep in the African bushveld and is “home” to the children of Londolozi personnel.

Can you imagine being able to share, learn and sing with kids on the other side of the world while we are in the bush, hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest big city?

First our Londolozi kiddies sang the Shangaan version of Happy Birthday, and then Pine Trees sang a Twinkle Twinkle.

Some of the Pine Trees children told us what they had gotten up to that morning and then our kiddies introduced themselves. Plenty of smiles all round.

For children who only started learning to “drive” computers a few weeks ago, it was incredibly rewarding to see how normal it was for the Londolozi preschoolers to interact with their peers digitally. Just another day here in the “digital” bush (by the way, click here to see this year’s first Londolozi Preschool iPad lesson).

Pine Trees has a spring fete coming up and they are very kindly donating all of the proceeds to Good Work Foundation’s preschool section. For that we say “siyabonga”. Thank you from your friends in Londolozi.

We may be rural, but we’re ready to connect with the world.

Yours in digital communication,

Di Myburgh
Good Work Foundation Preschool Coordinator