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James Tyrrell and Pete Fleck are Game Rangers who work at the world-renowned Londolozi Private Game Reserve, which is part of one of the largest Transfrontier National Parks in the world. James and Pete are crazy about wildlife conservation, but they are as passionate about education. Still today, less than 10 percent of rural South Africans graduate from high school proficient in the two most important languages of the world: English and digital.

James and Pete have decided to take part in the six-day, 250 kilometre RacingThePlanet’s Roving Race taking place in Madagascar and starting on the 31st August, 2014.

The goal is to raise R300,000 or $30,000 for not-for-profit organisation, Good Work Foundation (GWF). GWF was one of the first organisations in Africa to bring tablet computing and learning apps to rural students, and now, we are the only sub-Saharan site working with Stanford University on cloud-based learning.

The money raised will plug public primary schools into GWF’s Open Learning Academies, ensuring access to world-class maths, English and digital literacy for thousands of rural children.

What We Need

$30,000 will pay for 900 new students to attend one of Good Work Foundation’s Open Learning Academies for a year.

That’s a student who ordinarily would have zero digital access, now accessing a state-of-the-art centre that:

  • Presents maths, English and digital literacy using the latest and most innovative educational software
  • Uses tablets, digital whiteboards and interactive video to engage young learners
  • Employs facilitators that are trained specifically in using digital innovation to excite and engage young people

To Donate

James and Peter have already helped us to raise over $10,000. If you would like to donate to this great cause, please use either of the two following platforms:

Individual and corporates making donations in the USA and South Africa are able to receive the following certificates:

  • US Citizens – 501 c 3 Tax Certificate
  • South African Citizens – 18A Tax Certificate
James Tyrrell and Pete Fleck training at Londolozi Private Game Reserve

James Tyrrell and Pete Fleck training at Londolozi Private Game Reserve

The Impact

  • There are already over 1000 rural South African children who are “plugged” into GWF’s Open Learning Academies and each centre is built to be able to support 6000 children and 50 teachers.
  • GWF has invested over $1 million into rural digital literacy and were recently recognised by the South African government for their incredible commitment to education South Africa’s rural spaces.
  • The success of this model will have widespread implications for education across South Africa. There is no need to upgrade every school across the land – rather “plug” each school into an Open Learning Academy that can support traditional curriculums with 21st century literacies.