Find Your Truth & Live It

This year’s Good Work Foundation Christmas video is an ode to finding your truth and then living it.

With growth comes all kinds of complex ideas, opportunities, pressure points and sometimes, attractive paths that veer sneakily off track. In 2016, at each of those moments, we have tried our hardest to live our truth:

Challenge what we learn, how we learn and, most importantly, who has access to learning.

Every time we are (almost) herded back towards something that resembles a traditional, curriculum-heavy learning facility, our team has returned to that mission and challenged itself to continue to think about learning outside of the square. Outside of the classroom. Outside of the confines of chalk and talk.

It’s been easier said than done, unwaveringly sticking to our mission. But challenging ways of learning is our truth, and we have been living it for over ten years. And this Christmas, it’s that story that we want to share.

It’s the story of a traveling teacher who rejected the classroom and dreamt of simple ways to bring Africa, learning and technology together for the benefit of rural communities.

No matter how big you get. No matter how fast you grow. No matter how many challenges you encounter along the way, find your truth and live it.

Merry Christmas and thank you for all that you do!