First-Time Online Hospitality Student Scores 83%

Ntombikayise Mthombeni, 23, is a first-year Hospitality Academy student who has scored a whopping 83% on her first online Food & Beverage Management test.

Even better, Ntombikayise is an online convert!

“Concentration is vital when studying online,” says Ntombikayise. “Paper is still your friend – jot down the notes or key points during the video presentation, and then – if you are unsure – watch the lecture again. That’s what’s great about video.”


Ntombikayise Mthombeni

Ntombikayise is undecided on her future. In fact, you’ll agree that she is a smart (and focussed) young women:

“I’m not quite sure about my career path yet, I first want to complete my Absa Bridging Year course (IT, English and Hospitality courses), then I will decide what to do next with my life.”

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Written by Mpho Lebyane. Created by Media Academy.