For Student, Paris Moeng, Life is a Journey Upwards

The Leanna Knopik Cup – for the Good Work Foundation (GWF) student with the biggest heart – was supposed to be an annual award.

However, we’re in the fortunate position to have many more than just one big heart come around in a year. And so, when we want, we’re going to break the rule. (And I know that our partners and friends at the All Heart Fund will agree with me).

Paris Moeng is one of the only rural young adults that I know who graduated from High School a year early, at age 17.

Kate Groch (GWF CEO) awarding Paris Moeng the Leanna Knopik Cup under the Digital Tree of Knowledge.

Kate Groch (GWF CEO) awarding Paris Moeng the Leanna Knopik Cup under the Digital Tree of Knowledge.

Soon after he graduated, Paris signed up for the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre (HDLC) and completed his ICDL, Hospitality certificate, English, ICDL Advanced and CompTIA A+ by the age of 19.

Paris was part of the first group of students to sign up in 2012, but there has been no hanging around.

Paris is now the first ever GWF student to be studying his CompTIA Network+, which is a course that covers network technologies, installations, configurations, media, management, and security.

Abna Machavana, who has been Paris’ mentor and tutor, says that Paris is one of the most hard-working and dedicated students he has ever taught. He has respect for himself, and for his peers. In fact, he spends as much time helping his classmates as he does studying for himself.

Something that people may not know about Paris is that he is the sole caregiver of his grandmother who was left disabled after a stroke. And so after a full day of learning at the Digital Learning Centre, he heads to his home to cook, clean, and care for his grandmother. When she sleeps for the night he gets his studying in.


Paris is the first student to enroll in the CompTIA Network+ programme. He is also one of our youngest students.

This young man has never missed a day of his studies. He works hard, gets excellent results, and supports his peers.

And never complains. Life is a journey and he’s on it, with a positive, abundant attitude and a smiling face.

And that’s why Paris Moeng is the second GWF student to be awarded the beautiful Leanna Knopik Cup in 2014 – an award that we feel is one of the most important in South Africa.

Keep shining bright Paris!

Yours in digital learning,
Kate Groch, CEO Good Work Foundation


All Heart Fund and Good Work Foundation ambassador, Anna Ridgewell, with Paris.