From Jo’burg Orphanage to World-Class Graduate

Busi Ngomane is an enthusiastic, fun-loving, sport fanatic who loves soccer, cricket and swimming. She grew up in an orphanage in Johannesburg and came to Shabalala Trust, Hazyview, Mpumalanga in February 2012. She did not know any of her family from either side of her parents. It was through a television programme called Khumbul’ekhaya that she managed to locate her paternal family.

“To be honest, I was actually searching for my maternal family, but maybe things were ordained somehow and amazingly I happened to be spotted by my paternal family, not that I am complaining. In fact, I really do appreciate finally having a sense of belonging,” says Busi.

Busi’s appearance on Khumbul’ekhaya was indeed a blessing in disguise because many doors of opportunity were about to be opened. Busi started receiving an influx of phone calls from various people offering her job opportunities. She admits to appreciating the support that these people showed her, but says her life really changed when the MEC for Education, Mrs Regina Mhaule, encouraged her to get an education so that she could pursue her dreams. That was when Busi was introduced to Pastor Solly, of Hosanna Church, who told her about the computer courses offered at Good Work Foundation’s Hazyview Digital Learning Centre (HDLC). Busi took Pastor Solly’s advice and enrolled for and studied International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL), in August 2012.

The A+ Computing class have been working incredibly hard. As a group they are encouraging each other, creating smaller study groups, and dedicating many hours to studying for their exam. Well done team, we're proud!

Busi (second from right) with her fellow students at the Good Work Foundation.


Busi Ngomane standing proud at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre.

“After completing my ICDL studies, I did Word Advanced. As I was about to proceed with my Advanced studies, I happened to be one of the Top Students chosen to study CompTIA A+”, says Busi.

Although Busi enjoys IT, she has two “bigger” dreams. One is to finish writing her autobiography, a moving story that she started writing in Grade 11. The second is to study law. According to Busi, “seeing myself studying law one day will be a dream come true.”

Busi is one of HDLC’s longest standing students. Here are three things she has learnt in her time at the Centre:

1.Appreciation – I appreciate the opportunity that I have been given, to be one of the students studying at this centre.

2.Respect – I have enormous respect for the facilitators in this centre, who always go the extra mile, giving advice to students on everything, including future careers. The facilitators help unleash our potential to be who we really want to become.

3.Self-esteem - One day I would love to be a motivational speaker, reflecting on my life and other things in general; and I’m convinced that the only place to start doing that is at the beautiful grey and pink Good Work Foundation. Charity begins at home. I want to give back to the people who believed in me when I least expected it.

Busi’s story proves that in spite of the challenges that one may encounter in life, sheer determination and perseverance can take you on paths you never thought possible.

Written by Mpho Lebyane. Created by the Good Work Foundation Media Academy.