Good Work Foundation Christmas Lunch

The Good Work Foundation Christmas Lunch 2013 will be remembered for the bright pink outfits, Miss Abna Machavana, Mary J. Blige, Tina Turner, Rhianna, Maya in the pool, a beautiful table decorated by Di Myburgh, and of course the delicious food. But most of all, it was memorable for the letter that was read out on behalf of Kate, who could not attend thanks to a small “tiff” with the chickenpox. (Happy to report that Kate is on the road to recovery).

Here is Kate’s letter:

“2013 – Wow!

It has been an amazing year!

A year of Highs and Lows, successes and work still to be done.
We have celebrated with learners, been even more disappointed than our students if they were not successful.
We have had graduations, outings, learning and talks,
Shone at Shine days,
Talked about Sex with V Girls,
Supported learners as they make a difference in their own communities.

We have learned. Adventured… been to Johannesburg to study and attend workshops,
Performed drama at the festival in Nelspruit,
Seen performances at the theatre,
Taken our students to the Spur and 5 star restaurants,
And explored the whole world with them on the Computer.
We have worn grey and pink with pride.

We have seen hundreds of feet walk up the gravel path at HDLC to learn.
And look forward to welcoming even more,
We have battled to get some to join us and battled to get others to go home at the end of the day.
We have learned what it is to serve and even what a demitasse spoon is!
We have seen learners claim digital as a first language and, under love and guidance, learn to LOVE to learn.

We have had some of the best ICDL results in the country,
Our first A+ successes too.
We have had Internet providers that have driven us crazy,
Toilets that work and sometimes don’t,
We have had wonderful visitors under the tree
And have even spent time with our hero there.
We have welcomed new people to our team.

We have done things we could not have imagined. And achieved things we only thought possible in others.
We have qualified in a number of subjects, courses and skills.
We have added more preschools to the Pink and Grey Umbrella.
We are challenged to keep learning.

But the most wonderful part of 2013 is that I see a young team beginning to mature. Starting to find their place.
I am so excited to see how everyone takes the lessons of this year and the possibility of next year and turns it into the magic that is GWF.
I am so very proud of all of you but as you know I will be even tougher on you next year so that you all become the best versions of yourselves that you can be, versions I have seen and versions that are the reason you are all here.
There are no mistakes. No accidents… everyone is exactly meant to be here.

In 2014 we will welcome new friends, team members and challenges but the mission will stay the same.
To bring access to world class opportunity and education to our communities.

I am proud to be on this mission with you
And look forward to the new year.
Have a wonderful Christmas. Be safe. And come back with energy, ideas and dedication.

See you in the new year!! We have only just started.

Love Kate”