Graduation Day at Londolozi

April 21st 2013: Graduation caps, academic robes and certificates of achievement. Who said you can’t have Harvard in the middle of the African bushveld?

In 2007 Dave Varty – owner of Londolozi Private Game Reserve and Chairman of Goodwork Foundation – said to his team of Londolozi staff that he would bring them access to world class education.

Together with the Good Work Foundation (GWF) and course facilitator, Mo Groch, the Londolozi Digital Learning Centre was setup and several internationally accredited courses and modules were made available to the greater Londolozi community.

Today seven adult learners received their International Computer Drivers Licenses (ICDL) and a further 20 adult learners received certificates of achievement for completing various hospitality management modules.

“This is ‘digital-era’ literacy education and career training that is delivered through a series of high definition multimedia programmes. It is structured, curriculum-based, and allows students to progress through the content systematically, with the majority of assessments being written and marked online” said Kate Groch, CEO of Good Work Foundation.

“We are extremely proud of our graduates. We have provided the infrastructure and the expertise, but it is the students – with their hard work and determination – who have grabbed the opportunity with both hands and delivered the goods.”

Dave Varty added that “previously the concept of ‘extending your education’ in a community like ours was virtually non-existent for the majority of people. We had a vision to change that, and we have.

GWF has delivered computers. It has delivered teachers, mentors and facilitators. It has delivered access to the world wide web. It has delivered relevant course material. And now it has delivered graduates, not just at the Londolozi Digital Learning Centre, but also at the Madlala Digital Learning Centre and the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre.

This is a campus in rural Africa, and – for those who want to open their own doors – we will be their Harvard.”