Our Mission & Vision

Since Good Work Foundation’s (GWF) founding in 2006, our mission has been to pioneer a learning model for rural Africa that can build affordable and targeted education support structures and transform rural communities in poor, vulnerable places.

In South Africa learners are trapped between an underperforming school system and a 2030 National Development Plan that demands 21st century skills relevant to a new African digital marketplace. Nowhere is this divide more apparent than in our rural communities where students lack basic opportunities to become proficient in the main languages of access: English and digital.

GWF bridges this gap by launching digital learning campuses that serve as a hub for multiple stakeholders living in remote communities. These campuses harness advances in education technology to deliver learning programs that strengthen a person’s ability to navigate the online world and all of its opportunities. As of 2017, our programs reach more than 5,000 children and adults across four digital learning campuses annually, with a 95% graduation rate for adult learners, and English and math performance increases of up to 37% for school learners.

Beyond our direct impact on rural African learners between the ages of three and 70, our long-term objective is to demonstrate a supplementary education model for rural communities that will attract the investment necessary so that digital learning campuses can reach rural populations on a much larger scale. We seek to scale our impact by licensing a network of independently managed digital learning campuses across sub-Saharan Africa accelerating the rate at which rural communities can access digital learning. Our successful base model has allowed us to rigorously test the concept in four locations and ROI includes a direct, positive impact of up to 5,000 rural learners per digital learning campus. Our goal is to license 32 digital learning campuses by 2028.

Watch this animated infographic to learn more about the philosophies underpinning our model of digital learning campuses: