GWF Week in Edu-Tweets #11

1. From GWF Open Learning Facilitator and best Barista in Mpumalanga Teaman Manzini. Teaman loves his opportunity to teach and learn with the kids who enjoy the dances and singing that happens when they are with him. For Teaman, it is not just about the digital education, it is about making sure that the kids get to learn in the most engaging fun way.


2. From GWF ICDL facilitator Amukelani Nzobe who was captured with Gogo Mo who coordinates our career awareness program. The two are a combination of kindness, warm hearts professionalism and compassion. Amukelani and Gogo were snapped at GWF’s  2015 Christmas party.


3. Where something is happening, GWF always has someone to capture the moments and tell the stories. Media Intern Mpho Lebyane was at ACTS Clinic in a Mpumalanga village called Masoyi on World Aids Day. The day was dedicated to those infected and affected by the HIV virus, under the 2015 theme “Towards an HIV-free generation, Rise.Act.Protect.” South Africa is one of the most affected by the virus in Africa.


4. GWF’s Conservation Academy has a goal to create an emotional connection between Mpumalanga children and their natural surroundings. This week, Head of Conservation Academy Byron Ross took some grade four learners who are part of the Open Learning Academy at GWF to a horse riding farm. All these children got onto a horse for the first time in their lives and loved it.


5. The two sister bosses Gay Sibusi who coordinates ICDL in all four GWF campuses, and the amazing Deliwe Tibane who sees that all GWF administration is on point at all times, had some time to celebrate their hard-work from 2015 at this year’s Christmas party.


6. Four graduations, more than 150 graduates and one more graduation to come before the end of 2015 in this rural space of Mpumalanga. Kate Groch was proud to introduce her mother and GWF Gogo, Mo Groch as the keynote speaker at the most recent graduation under the Digital Tree of Knowledge in Hazyview Digital Learning Campus.


Compiled by GWF Media Academy.