GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #34

1. The GWF team was collaborating in creating a master piece with qualified Organisational Psychologist Leon, who facilitated  a workshop with all of the GWF staff. GWF CEO Kate Groch was sharing photos of this amazing session on twitter throughout.


2. During the workshop, we were asked to come up with ‘dooms’(negatives) and ‘zooms’(positives) that will impact growth or the down fall of an organization. The GWF team brainstormed on some of the factors they felt were key in helping the organisation to grow and maintain its growth; a positive mind set and set of values are two examples among many that were see as vital.


3. An American qualified Life Coach and dear friend to GWF and staff, Terri Fedonnczak had a session with the Heads Of Departments of GWF. The theme of the session was the power of ‘choice’. Choosing the right attitude and mindset. Terri is one of very few people who empower and motivate young women.


4. GWF CEO Kate Groch is back from in South Africa and was excited to shared her wonderful trip to America with the team, Kate visited various places in America to connect with the GWF team and supporters from that side. The Digital CEO is back in full swing and as she always says “Lets hit the ground running, and disrupt disrupt and disrupt again.”


5. ICDL (International Computer Driving License) Group Coordinator Gay Sibuyi happened to be in the same plane as her life coach Terri Fedonczak a few days ago. Gay had gone to Cape Town to attend an ICDL conference where she managed to update the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre’s learning content so our students continue to access world class education.


6. “What do you love about GWF as an individual?”, was the question Leon asked everyone as he began his leadership and team work workshop with the GWF team. The answers were simply amazing! Kate Groch was, and as always on the sidelines to capture the masterpiece of the GWF Digital Tree of Knowledge puzzle the team managed to put together through team work.


7.  Every workshop needs an element of fun to keep all participants engaged and working as one team. Leon cut up and divided pieces of the GWF Tree that they then worked on separately to piece it back together again. One of GWF’s values is to have fun while working, so the team did just that.


Compiled by Hazyview Media Academy Intern Mfumo Thobela.