GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #37

1. From GWF CEO Kate Groch who celebrated her women’s day in style. Kate was at Londolozi where she enjoyed traditional singing and dancing from the Londolozi women staff. We still continue to celebrate the women of South Africa and acknowledge their importance, hard work, loving spirit and their whole being.


2. From Hazyview Media Academy Intern Wiseboy Shabangu, who is always ready with his camera to capture ‘wonder-filled’ moments that happen around the campus. Wiseboy took a snap of the hospitality students as they were busy with their on screen lectures. We see bright futures ahead.


3. Monday was a public holiday for most South Africans, but not for the Open Learning Learners who loves ‘wonder-filled’ learning. Not even a holiday could stop them from getting more learning and their Open Learning Academy Facilitator Zodwa Buthelezi was very excited to see them.


4.  From JDLC Coordinator Linky Nkuna who was very excited to host Sawyer Altman, a student from Stanford University ;who has been doing a storytelling workshop with the Open Learning Academy facilitators and students. The storytelling comes from his love of reading, which he also does through a foundation called ‘A Thousand and One Stories’. This foundation strives to bring storytelling to remote places such as rural villages.


5. Byron Katie is an American speaker, Life coach and author who teaches a method of self-inquiry known as “The Work”. She was at Justicia Digital Learning Campus and held a session with the GWF staff.


6. From Hazyview Media Academy Intern Mfumo Thobela. The Conservation Academy students wrote their final FGASA exam this week. We hope that they did well and they will make us proud.


7. From Open Learning Facilitator Selby Mokoena. Selby believes that storytelling should happen more often, especially for young rural children; because it programs, adjust thoughts through sharing and experiences. Selby Mokoena enjoyed Sawyer Altman’s storytelling workshop.


8. GWF CEO Kate Groch is a happy teacher everytime she sees the barn filled with young learners who are excited to get and have ‘wonder-filled’ learning.


9. From JDLC Coordinator Linky Nkuna. The work went on again after they did not finish the last time. Sawyer Altmen went back to Justicia Campus to finish off his workshop with the learners from Madlala High School. This time it was about storytelling and story writing.


10. It is quite amazing how much kids get excited every time they walk into the barn. Every time feels like it their first time and Hazyview Media Intern Wiseboy Shabangu was glad to share the moment.


Compiled by Hazyview Academy Intern: Mfumo Thobela