GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #47

1. From GWF Media Coordinator Accolade Ubisi, during the week the Media Team was on a mission to go out and get rural and authentic stories to share with the rest of the world. Look out for the amazing stories behind these smiles. These are stories of some of GWF’s post graduates who have now found employment using the qualifications they obtained from the Bridging Academy Course at GWF’s digital campuses. Success deserves to be celebrated all the time.


2. From Ryan James, who was happy to learn that Christine Don, a good friend of the GWF Family took an amazing snap of the education revolution at work when she visited Justicia Campus earlier this year.


3. From Head Of Open Learning Academy Crispen Bvumbghe, who recently joined the many Africans who are passionate about education and educating the world at the Digital Education Show this past week.


4. From Hazyview Media Intern Mfumo Thobela, Gogo Mo has been helping the GWF staff with self assesments to help them understand them selves better in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Gogo used the infamous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI) which is a personality test. This helps a person to know which side they fall on, the introversion side or the extroversion side.


5. From Ryan James, Ryan and the team were very excited about the Digital  Education Show and they promised to go there next year.


6. From Hazyview Media Intern Wiseboy Shabangu; the Media Team interviewing one of GWF’s post graduates who is recently working at the new Hazyview shopping mall.


7. From PDLC Administrator Milla van Wyk, the Open Learning Learning of all the GWF campus have been busy writing their end of year assessment test. We wish them good luck.


8. From GWF CEO Kate Groch, who was excited about the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) presentation that JDLC Coordinator Linky Nkuna did for the Bridging Academy students. The initiative aims to train young people who have the passion to bring change to their communities.


9. From Hazyview Media Intern Mfumo Thobela shares a beautiful view inside the Hazyview Campus barn where the OLA kids were busy writing their end of year assessment tests.


10. From Ryan James, the Open Learning Academy Team had their strategic meeting under the digital tree of knowledge. Taking us back to the ancient days when our ancestors used to sit around the tree to share ideas and become one.


11. From GWF Media Academy, the value of this month is Creativity and Innovation. Here is a quote shared by one of our team members in the morning circle.


12. From GWF Media Intern Mfumo Thobela, the GWF Media Coordinator Accolade Ubisi has been doing a telephone interview with the Founder of Care for Wild Africa, Petronel Niewoudt. Accolade wants to write a story about the two of the Magnificent Rhinos, Annie and Meha.


13. From Hazyview  Media Intern Wiseboy Shabangu, the Bridging Academy Students were writing the ICDL exam this Friday, Good luck to them.


Compiled by Hazyview Media Intern: Mfumo Thobela.