GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #48

1. From the GWF Team, here is a beautiful quote shared during the week.


2.  From Hazyview Media Intern Wiseboy Shabangu, the Open Learning Academy learners continue to lose themselves in the wonder of learning all about nature.


3. From JDLC Coordinator Linky Nkuna who captured a shot of the beautiful Huntington Village; our latest exciting development. Look out for an update of what is unfolding in that space.


4. From Hazyview Media Intern Mfumo Thobela, Mfumo has been doing some personality research through the Myer Briggs Type Indicator, facilitated by Gogo Mo. This helps with knowing your strengths and weakness and how your type of personality copes through different situations.


5. From Hazyview Media Intern Mpho Lebyane who is catching up with the Hospitality Academy students. The students are currently busy with their end of year practicals and refreshing their customer service skills.


6. From Ryan James, our team is already planning and strategizing for 2017 programmes and classes. It is never too early to plan for success and our team is ready to take the education revolution to its highest pinnacle.


7. From GWF CEO Kate Groch, this is where the GWF family starts and end their week in quiet moments of meditation and information sharing.


8. From Open Learning Academy Facilitator Selby Mokoena , Selby captured a beautiful moment of ‘wonder-filled’ learning at Ifalethu Primary School during the Phase lessons.


9. From GWF Media Coordinator Accolade Ubisi, Bridging Academy student Masibulele Nkewu has been Hazyview Campus’ fashionista, dressing up to ‘kill’ with his retro style daily. Thank you for your motivation Masibulelo.


Compiled by Hazyview Media Intern: Mfumo Thobela.