GWF Week in Edu-Tweets #5

1. From Open Learning Academy facilitator Selby Mokoena. He is on the front line, leading phase two of Open Learning into rural schools in Shabalala village – the one in the photo below is Ifalethu Primary School. Phase two extends mathematics, English, digital and conservation literacy from the hub at Hazyview Digital Learning Campus into the surrounding local schools.

1. Open Learning facilitator Selby Mokoena visits a local primary school for phase two digital math lessons.

2. From Head of Conservation Academy Byron Ross, who went to the Kruger National Park with local schoolchildren last Tuesday, as part of the conservation literacy learning experience. These children get the opportunity to learn about one of the most valuable natural heritage sites in South Africa both on tablets (digitally) and physically inside Kruger. Indeed we have future conservationists in our midst.


3. From Head of Marketing and Fundraising Ryan James, who shares what the barn looks like everyday when children who are part of the Open Learning Academy come to tap in to the magic that happens in and around the campus. Here’s Selby again, a true “pink shirt” revolutionary.


4. From ICDL facilitator, Thembi Ngwenya, who celebrates Isaac Nonyane’s first ICDL class on Friday. Isaac is the man responsible for the well kept and ever-green gardens all around the HDLC campus, and now he is also a #ManInTech in the making.


5. From Good Work Foundation, who, on Thursday during student protests across South Africa, released a statement in support of the principle of affordable education. Our mission will always be to challenge the “what” and the “how” of education, but most important: “who has access” to education.


Compiled by GWF Media Academy.