GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #54

1. The Good Work Foundation family came into the new year with fresh energy to continue with the mission to bring world class education to people living in the rural areas of South Africa. Conservation Academy Coordinator Sibusiso Mnisi and the Conservation Academy students were recently at the Care for Wild AFRICA animal rehabilitation sanctuary for a two weeks experience of wildlife and adventure.


2. From GWF CEO Kate Groch who tweeted a sneak picture of the Hazyview Campus before we officially opened in the first week of January. The place is looking more stunning than ever with flowers blooming from every corner of the garden. The barn awaits anxiously for new young minds to feed as the year of digital literacy begins next week.


3. From PDLC Coordinator Milla van Wyk: South Africa was hit with an extreme drought over the past year and Philippolis was one of the places that was hit hard. After the long and dry wait, the whole country was blessed with a rather generous rainfall that pored for weeks, but even that didn’t stop the team at Phili to keep the Good Work Foundation’s mission moving forward.


4. From GWF Media and Communication Coordinator Accolade Ubisi: The Bridging Academy Team is one interview away from completing the student enrollment process for 2017′s Bridging Academy Students. These young people will have access to world class excellent digital education from rural Justicia.


5. From GWF CEO Kate Groch: The amazingly beautiful fact about working to achieve a mission such as GWF’s mission is that; each day we get to be creative and innovative as to how we will continue to strive to accomplish that mission. These Grade 4 boys and girls who have just entered GWF’s barn for the very first time with some of them learning using computers and tablets for their first time, are the team’s biggest inspiration as they continue to move the mission forward. This is where our world changers will come from.


6. From GWF Student Administrator Desmond Sithole: Desmond took a snap of the Open Learning magic in action. The barn was filled with echoes of musical apps from the tablets. This is the beginning of great learning and exploration for these young champions.


7. From JDLC Coordinator Linky Nkuna: Linky was impressed by the Bridging Academy prospect student who did not waste time but showcase in talent during his interview.


8. From GWF Media and Communication Coordinator Accolade Ubisi: As we start the new year the Bridging Academy team got together to draft a timetable for 2017 classes, and the results are amazing.


9. From JDLC Coordinator Linky Nkuna: A family that tweets together stays together and Linky and Abna know this very well. Linky was showing Abna his way around Twitter.


10. From GWF Student Administrator Desmond Sithole: When the power is out, the digital team goes back to traditional work of any kind in and around the campuses, and that includes a new layer of paint for our building.


11. From GWF CEO Kate Groch: Our GWF family was fortunate to have one of the phenomenal woman who believes and works with the team from time to time on our mission. Anne van Zyl came to conduct some workshops for our facilitators on effective teaching methods, and we also got the opportunity to spend her birthday here with us.


12. From GWF CEO Kate Groch: During Anne van Zyl’s birthday lunch, she was blown away when she recognised a face she once taught English in the Hazyview Campus take her order. The former student is now working as a waiter at the Kruger Park Lodge.


Compiled by: Hazyview Media Academy.