GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #57

1. From Head of Philippolis Digital Learning Campus (PDLC) Lulani Vermeulen: The Phili Team has built a green house to grow vegetables and the garden looks amazing.


2. From Head of Justicia Digital Learning Campus (JDLC) Linky Nkuna: The 2017 Bridging Academy students started with their classes this past Monday and they were given rubber bands of different colours for their different classes. The students were very excited and they all posed for a photo.


3. From GWF Content Coordinator Mfumo Thobela: On the first day of the Bridging Academy classes, the students did their orientation of all the courses they will be doing for the whole year. They were introduced to the Eduze clox which is a box that allows distribution of movies, music, ebooks and apps to mobile devices and computers quickly and at no data cost.


4. From Justicia Campus: The rubber bands given to the students are written ‘I love Learning’ and that is what our missions is; to make learning exciting and fun.


5. From GWF CEO Kate Groch: This During the Bridging Academy orientation, students were divided into groups for classes of 2017.


6. From Head of JDLC Linky Nkuna: The Huntington Campus is coming along nicely and we are exciting to get it started when it is launched. We can’t wait to start the education revolution is this space.


7. From CEO Kate Groch: Our days at GWF are never fulfilled without these young promising people. They are the future of tomorrow and we are honoured every day to be the team who are shaping their futures through our Open Learning Programme.


8. From Open Learning Facilitator Selby Mokoena: Selby will be facilitating the SMILE classes and he started with students from Madlala High School. The SMILE classes aim to enhance creativity in young people by teaching them the beauty of storytelling and story writing.


9. From Head of PDLC  Lulani Vermeulen: The Open Learning learners from Philippolis Primary School are always very excited to go to the campus for ‘wonder-filled’ learning.


10. From Byron Ross: The Conservation Academy students were having their revision session with Byron. The students will write their final exam this March and will wait for their graduation.


11. From Gogo, Maureen Groch: Gogo has been exploring Twitter and in the process she happened to share with us this beautiful quote by Michelle Obama. We are very happy that Gogo shared this quote because it goes with our February theme ‘Women Are The Future’.


12. From Open Learning Facilitator Selby Mokoena: This is one of the exciting programmes that GWF has; the Open Learning Plus. The programme allows children to be and explore what their minds tells them to and I like their number one rule which is ‘In Open Learning Plus, there are no rules and instruction. We do whatever we want’. The children will be doing Coding, Lego and Storytelling.


13. From Justicia Campus: This is one of the most classical tweets ever and we are grateful for the heat because we wouldn’t have had the chance to witness the beauty of that umbrella hat.


14. From Open Learning Facilitator Floyd Mphakane: The Open Learning Academy learners were writing their  pre-assessment test. These are the learners of Siyafundza Primary School at their school.


Compiled by Hazyview Media Academy.