GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #56

1. From GWF Media and Communication Coordinator Accolade Ubisi: When an early morning starts with cleaning the office, all you need to do is take your chair, sit in the patio and let the #EducationRevolution bus keep moving.


2. From GWF CEO Kate Groch: Our province, Mpumalanga is very beautiful, we are always blessed with beautiful weather on different days and we love every single one.


3.  From Open Learning Academy Volunteer Floyd Mphakane: The Open Learning Academy learners were writing their pre-assessment test this week and we hope to see improvement by the end of the year. The tests allow our facilitators to see the areas of improvement going forward.


4. From GWF Content Coordinator Mfumo Thobela: The Open Learning Academy learners are gathered under the digital tree of knowledge for one goal- to learn from the digitally wise.


5. GWF CEO Kate Groch: JDLC Coordinator Linky Nkuna welcomed the Bridging Academy students during their orientation that was held at Justicia Campus this past Monday. Justicia Campus is our most rural campus, it is exciting to see young people who will plug in the #EducationRevolution and for a better future regardless of where they come from.


6 From Open Learning Academy Volunteer Floyd Mphakane: The Open Learning team have been putting the ‘Mind Moves’ into practice with the Open Learning Academy learners. The Mind Moves aim to stimulate the learners minds for easy learning by doing exercises in between computer  lessons.


7. From GWF Media and Communication Coordinator Accolade Ubisi: The 2017 Bridging Academy students have had their orientations and now its time to get on with learning. As they l start their lessons we wish them the best of luck for their first digital class on Monday the 6th.


Compiled by Hazyview Media Academy.