GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #58

1. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus: As an organisation we are always grateful to our supporters for their ¬†continuous support. We would like to say a big thank you to Charlie Milner for the boogie boards that will help shape a couple more children’s futures.


2. From GWF CEO Kate Groch: As we all know, February is the month of love so the #educationRevolution also celebrated on Valentines Day. We love learning and that was the more reason to celebrate Valentines Day. The preschoolers of Impilo Preschool were dressed for the day.


3. From Philippolis Digital Learning Campus: The joys of Open Learning continue throughout all the GWF campuses and everyday the lives of our children are driven into the bright direction.


4. From Ryan James: Ryan and Kate were at the Tsystems offices and they had to track down the Empowerment of Women in the Community Award that we won last year. This award is a joint award between Hazyview Digital Learning Campus and T-Systems.


5. From Open Learning Academy Facilitator Floyd Mokoena: The Kids in Kruger programme for 2017 has started. It started with Nkambeni Primary School which also had their first experience of wildlife field trip.


6. From GWF Head of Programmes Maria Awogu: Maria is quick to catch up, since she joined the digital world of the #EducationRevolution she has been keeping up with the programmes and being digitally literate. Here she takes a selfie with some of the #WomenInTech at Hazyview Campus.


7. From Open Learning Facilitator Selby Mokoena: The future of storytelling and coding has been found in the Open Learning plus classes that is being conducted by Selby. The OLA plus will enhance the students creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.


8. From Philippolis Digital Learning Campus: “It is said that you should start them young, then they will grow with it.” And that’s the case with the Open Learning Academy programme. We start facilitating learners at an early age to prepare them for the growing digital revolution and expose them to endless opportunities.


9. From Byron Ross: The adult Conservation Academy students went on a field to the Kruger National Park for their practical learning. More young rural conservationists are being groomed to protect, love and look after the natural world.


10. From Bridging Academy Coordinator Jane Mandlazi: It has been two weeks since the students have started with their classes and they are already getting their way around the computers. Two weeks ago some of the students couldn’t move the mouse but that’s in the past and it’s amazing to see their improvement.


11. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus: The English Olympiad classes have been going on so well, more high school learners have been introduced to the lessons.


12. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus: Selby who is coordinating OLA plus gave training to the Open Learning team at Justicia Campus so that they will continue with the classes.


13. From Head of Justicia Digital Learning Campus Linky Nkuna: We have mentioned Selby’s name quite a lot in this compilation and this explains how busy he is with the creative learning of the young people in the rural communities. The students from Madlala High School were registered for the SMILE programme which is about storytelling and story writing.


Compiled by Hazyview Media Academy.