GWF Week in Edu-Tweets #6

1. From GWF CEO Kate Groch, who caught the Open Learning champions in action at the Music Academy hub this last week. The kids attend two hours of music for four days per week, wherein they are taught how to play African musical instruments such as the Jembe, Marimba and Shakers accompanied by singing. The music hub seems to be more full on the days when the Jembe is practiced!


2. From our very own Barista and Open Learning facilitator Teaman Manzini, whose twitter quote from an unknown author was inspired by the newly adopted tradition at GWF’s morning meetings under the tree, where a nominated staff member has to deliver a quote or word of motivation for the day.


3. From Crispen Bvumbghe, who spearheads the Open Learning Academy at GWF. From the first day of school after holidays, Crispen and his team were at it, delivering ‘charging trolleys’ full of tablets into the local rural schools to launch phase two of Open Learning. This program intends to carry on the mission to give access to world class education to everyone regardless of where they are born. The grade five learners are very excited to get back on the tablets for some fun English and math exercises.


4. From GWF Media intern and Open Learning facilitator Mpho Lebyane, who went to her first Open Learning phase two launch at Mpunzana Primary School. Mpho was at the school to capture the moment as the Mpunzana Primary Principal together with her colleagues and Open Learning facilitator Crispen Bvumbghe unveiled the trolley full of tablets for the grade fives.


5. From our #DigitalCEO Kate Groch, who stumbled upon this Buddha sculpture created with tuna cans at the Hong-Kong airport on her way to a fundraiser in the USA.


6. From GWF, as we continue to celebrate the rural women who are embracing technology and the world of digital, we add teachers to  the list. 20 teachers were enrolled at GWF for an International Computer Driving License, with the majority of the students dominated by women. The two teachers referred to on this tweet graduated in August, and this October they were capping other rural graduates at GWF.



 Compiled by GWF Media Academy.