GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #60

1.  From GWF CEO Kate Groch: The Hazyview Digital Learning Campus in-house Barista Teaman Manzini has had a rough week with making his amazing coffee. The coffee machine was being serviced and we have a happy Barista. Its back to making delicious coffee.


2. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus: The Open Learning Academy team has been doing an exceptional job with the students that come to GWF’s campuses. They have been teaching the students how to construct words and sentences, reading out alphabets and story reading from their tablets PC’s.


3. From GWF Head of Programmes, Maria Awogu: The English Olympiad lessons have been going great and the learners will be writing their exams next week. Good luck to the students.


4. From GWF CEO Kate Groch: This has been the most exciting development that has highlighted the ‘wonder-filled’ learning in GWF’s campuses recently. Young rural people are coding from what was once a banana barn deep in the rural community of Shabalala. Its a possibility one would never think about coming from a rural place but it is possible with the Open Learning Plus Programme.


5. From Philippolis Digital Learning Campus: When ¬†wonder-filled learning happens in the most unlikely place like the dry Karoo of Philippolis and see students excited about learning. That’s when you know that fun learning is the only real learning.


6. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus: After having met Head of JDLC, Linky Nkuna at the Syphonia Women’s Conference, Runo Okiomah from America Huston, took it to her hands that she wanted to see the amazing job that the Good Work Foundation is doing in action. Runo took a taxi from Johannesburg to Mpumalamga, Justicia Village and experienced the education revolution in two of GWF’s campuses. Thank you Runo for wanting to share our inspiration and have a look and feel of what the education revolution does everyday.


7. From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus: The GWF team continues to grow, over the week the ICT Academy held presentation for the new ICT Facilitators and we are excited to announce that we have added two more members into the education revolution. Look out for a blog where each one of them will share their story with us.


8. From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus: The Conservation Academy students had their oral presentation this week and they did exceptionally well trying out their new skills learned from their PowerPoint Advanced module they recently completed. Congratulations and keep up the good work.


9. From GWF Head of Programmes Maria Awogu: This Friday Justica Campus held its first ever Open Learning Academy Awards ceremony. One of the students who was receiving a certificate of excellence burst into tears when she was called upon to receive her certificate. This was the most heart warming moment for us at the GWF team. Congratulations to the students and we would like to extend our gratitude to the OLA sponsors, Dulini and Rhino Africa, the future of these young people is bright because of your contribution.


Compiled by Hazyview Media Academy.