GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #63

1. From GWF Open Learning Coordinator Selby Mokoena who has introduced a world of ‘wonder’ to rural young children from the local community, who are part of GWF’s Open Learning+ programme (OLA+). This programmes allows the children to learn about coding and robots and a programme called ‘Yep for Kids’ online and sometimes through Skype lessons that are done all the way from Hazyview to Canada.

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2. From the Hazuview Digital Learning Campus. A Self Organised Learning Environment has been created at all of GWF’s digital campuses, giving children access and an opportunity to discover things and learn about the digital world using content that has been carefully sorted and picked by Crispen Bvumbghe who is qualified in Education Management and Special Education. Learn more about Crispen on his bio here.

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3. From  OpHazyview Digital Learning Campus’en Learning Academy facilitator Floyd Mphakane who is also very passionate about art and drawing. Floyd like all of us working at GWF, has become so passionate and sentimental about our tree and the symbolic meaning it holds for each and every one of us. We love the quote that accompanied his drawing on this tweet.

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4. From the Justicia Digital Learning Campus (JDLC). GWF Student Support Mercyful Mathebula has been coordinating a career counseling session with students in all of GWF’s campuses, and this week it was JDLC’s turn. Mercyful is adamant on helping young people to learn more about the different careers so at the end they make calculated decisions regarding their career paths. Mercyful has a very touching story that inspired her to be an ambassador and mentor to these young people as they find their right careers. read about what Mercyful does here.

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5. From Good Work Foundation, GWF’s mission is to give access to better education to anyone who wants it in rural areas of Mpumalanga and the Freestate. This mission is steered forward by its two core programmes; the Open Learning Academy for Grade Four learners coming from various public schools, and the Bridging Academy that focuses of bridging school leavers coming from an under-performing and under-resourced schooling systems into the 21st century business skills. Learn more about GWF’s programes from the website.

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6. From the Philippolis Digital Learning Campus. PDLC has now also extended its Open Learning Academy programme to grade fives and sixes from the local school that has been outsourcing digital education from PDLC for two years now. The team has enjoyed this learning journey with their facilitators.

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7. From JDLC, HDLC and JDLC Bridging Academy Students enjoyed a digital skills workshop by One Africa Online and Google. Three months ago, the majority of these students clicked a mouse foe the firs time and today they are learning about digital skills and online opportunities.

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8. From GWF Head of Development Ryan James. Ryan and GWF Group Media and Communication Coordinator Accolade Ubisi were at Londolozi for a presentation when they bumped into a former student from HDLC Delight Mabunda interning at one of the world’s top tourism destination Londolozi Private Game Reserve. We wish you all the best Delight as you venture into the world of work with your 21st century skills obtained at the Hazyview Digital Learning Campus.

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9. From GWF Head of Programmes Maria Goretting Awogu. Maria and the GWF team spent the whole of Monday doing team building workshops and enjoyed lunch under the digital tree.

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10. From GWF CEO Kate Groch, posing a question that can only be answered by looking at the success rate of education improvement and the increase in the number of employed youth in Mpumalanga since the beginning of GWF’s mission to empower young people by giving them access to world class education and skills development.

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11. From GWF Head of Programmes Maria Goretti Awogu. During the workshop that took place on Monday at the Hazyview Digital Learning Campus, GWF Student Support Mercyful and Head of Staff Development Maureen (Gogo) Groch gave feedback of their successful tour to Johannesburg for workshops and about their productive catch up week at the Philippolis Digital Learning Campus.

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12. From GWF CEO Kate Groch wishing the Intriduction To Wildlife Monitoring Students luck on their final FGASA exam. These students will graduate with 21st century conservation skills combined with digital skills, making them employable in various tourism and conservation sectors in Mpumalanga and the whole word.

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Compiled by Hazyview Media Agency.