GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #64

1. From GWF Head of Development Ryan James, It is a very exciting time for Good Work Foundation and its team, donors and partners as we look forward to launching the Huntington Digital Learning Campus very soon. Look out for photo leaks on our social media that will keep you update on the progress of the campus until the day of the launch.


2. From Good Work Foundation, the theme for March on GWF’s social media and website is Innovative Disruption, honoring the theme, this blog that GWF tweeted about does just that;disruption. Accolade Ubisi asked a few of the Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Bridging Academy students this question; Are South Africa’s Born frees studying to raise their lobola price? Their responses will blow you away. Read the blog here.


3. From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus: The Open Learning and Bridging Academy team at Hazyview is pioneering a method of learning that is happening within the cloud! The team had their first Skype session with Denise Sharp, from rural Hazyview all the way to America. This collaboration aims to further workshop their young team of facilitators about effective methods of facilitating digital literacy for young children.


4. From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus, Emelda Mlambo was thrilled to have her very “first Skype”, even more so that it was with GWF’s good friend Denise Sharp. Emeldah is one of the Bridging Academy facilitator at the Hazyview Campus who is part of them team going through this amazing learning adventure.


5. From GWF Head of Development Ryan James, Ryan and and GWF Group Media Coordinator Accolade Ubisi attended a Konica Minolta in partnership with Food and Trees for Africa and Care for Wild animal rehabilitation sanctuary tree planting function yesterday. The team plated 1200 trees; the Spekboom is believed through research to be good for the rhino to eat and it is healthy for the environment.


6. From GWF Head of Development Ryan James, them building team at the Huntington Digital Learning Campus are working to the best of their pace as the clock ticks even more near to the launch of GWF’s fourth digital campus in rural Mpumalanga.


7. From Ryan James: Laetitia Coetzer, Special Projects Manager at Konica Minolta is one of the amazing people who wolrd with Petronel and her team at Care for Wild and Chris and his team from Food and Trees for Africa to plant the 1200 trees at Care for Wild and 40 more at a local Barberton primary school, Fairview Primary School.


8. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus, the team was anxious and optimistic to lead a group of Grade Eight students from Mabarhule and Hlomani High Shools, who are part of the Open Learning Academy at Justicia Digital Learning Campus into their very first International Computer Driving Silence exam this morning. Thumbs are being held tight until the results come back in a week’s time.


9. From GWF Group International Computer Driving License Coordinator (ICDL) Lungile Shabangu was thrilled to have her Bridging Academy students write their very first exam for the year this morning. She was even more happy to get feedback after the exam that everyone fees confident after the exam. She too awaits the results anxiously.


10. From GWF Group ICDL Coordinator Lungile Shabangu who was supper excited to have the teachers write their third ICDL exam this morning. The teachers have started this journey with Lungile last year, getting skills that will enable them to teach the 21st century student is both digital and English literate. We wish them all success in their exams.


Compiled by Hazyview Media Agency.