GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #66

1. From GWF International Driving License (ICDL) Coordinator Lungile Shabangu, who was bright and early this morning to ensure that the venue and equipment at the Hazuview Campus are well prepared for students who were writing an exam. Thank you very much to Lungile and the team that collaborated in making this exam session a success.

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2. From the Philippolis Campus, Deon and Okie, the ICDL exam instructors are our champions this week for conducting two exams in two of our campuses that are miles apart in one week. A huge thank you once again for the team effort and we look forward to outstanding results from both campuses.

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3. From the Hazyview Campus. HCI, an organisation that sponsors more than 150 organisations that are in education in different parts of South Africa came to see one the results of their generosity at the Hazyview Campus. HCI has been sponsoring the teachers that are part of GWF’s Open Learning Academy’s participating schools for digital classes. Thank you very much to HCI for collaborating with GWF in creating wonder-filled teachers of the future.

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4. From GWF CEO Kate Groch. Kate and GWF Programmes Manager Maria Goretti Awogu represented GWF at a workshop that celebrated people and institutions that are making a difference in education in Mpumalanga. On this workshop, several of our Open Learning Academy children from the Justicia campus walked away with various prizes including a trip to Canada for two students.

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5. From GWF CEO Kate Groch who was excited to see that GWF is not alone in inspiring and motivating young people to dream of the impossible and achieve it. The workshop Kate and Maria attended encouraged young people to embrace technology as a learning tool with endless possibilities.

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6. From teh Hazyview Campus. 2015 Bridging Academy graduate, Refiloe Mokoena, is now in her second year at the University of Venda, studying law. Rifiloe cam back to her roots the HDLC this week and the GWF family is always happy to be visited by one of our own and to hear that all is going well with their ventures. We wish Rifiloe all the best with her remaining two years.

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7. From the Justicia campus. All of GWF’s campuses have introduced mentor programmes in the Bridging Academy. Ntokozo Sambo is a graduate of JDLC who is now leading her own group of students, giving them advise about careers and decision making.

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8. From Bhei Mashaba. Bheki is a graduate at the Justicia Campus and now training to work as a facilitator at the Huntington campus that will be launched soon. We are as excited as Bheki is for the new editional campus into our digital family.

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9. From GWF. in collaboration with the Coaching for Conservation programme, better known as C4C, GWF’s Conservation Academy has been conservation education sessions through sport activities where kids get to play and learn at the same time.

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10. From the Justicia Digital Learning Campus Head Linky Nkuna. Linky and her team have been excited to have GWF Staff Development Head Crispen who comes in every week to train facilitators on how to teach children using technology among other lessons.

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Compiled by the Hazyview Media Agency.