GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #67

1. From GWF CEO Kate Groch. One of the most enjoyed prerequisite for Bridging Academy students is that they belong to a mentor group where they meet once every week to share stories of inspiration, career talks and guiding one another in their studies. Kate and the rest of the Good Work Foundation team love that all mentor sessions are held under a mango tree under its cool shade.

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2. From Iona student and GWF volunteer teacher German Guzman. German has been working at GWF campuses for a couple of days now. German has been learning and teaching the Open Learning Academy students as part of his volunteering activities and having fun. German came to South Africa from New York to explore how blended learning for rural South African students is being implemented, the impact it has had on the students and how it works.

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3. From the Philippolis Digital Learning Campus. The theme for Good Work Foundation’s website and social media this month is #Vision. Philippolis tweeted this quote that just summed up GWF’s aim with the theme this month.

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4. From Justicia Campus Head Linky Nkuna. Linky has been moving from one campus to another as the GWF team prepares to formally launch the Huntington Digital Learning Campus very soon. We look forward to the special day and cannot wait to see another 1000 people walk into the campus to unleash their potential.

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5. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus. The one thing the GWF CEO Kate Groch always says is that, “if your not here to learn, and if your in the same position and doing the same thing five years from now, then GWF has failed you as your organisation,” that is why often there will be tweets and posts about people coming from all over the world to run workshops, mentor sessions, skills development and life coaching through out the year. We are happy to have Toby come back for language skills training at Justicia Digital Learning Campus.

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6. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus Head Linky Nkuna. All hands are on deck to ensure that the HuntDLC barn and classrooms are ready to go as the launch date of Good Work Foundation’s 4th campus nears.

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7. From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Conservation Coordinator Sibusiso Mnisi. So much is always happening behind the scenes and we are fortunate to have twitter so we are always updated. Sibusiso and had his team have been running Coaching for Conservation sessions with grade four and five students from all the Open Learning Academy schools this week. These have been fun and educative sessions that aim to teach students about conservation through fun and sports.

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8. From GWF Head of Programmes Maria- Goretti Awogu. The team has been attending multiple workshops run by volunteers Charlie and Toby Milner from Iona in America. These workshops aim to up-skill our facilitators in teaching techniques, teaching with technology and teaching young students.

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9. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus Head Linky Nkuna. Linky and the Justicia team have been busy with interviews for HuntDLC’s Bridging Academy applicants. These students will be the first class of HuntDLC if successful in their interviews.

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10. From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Open Learning Plus Coordinator Selby Mokoena. The Mathemagician has been pumped up as he continues to get rural children awed and lost in the digital world where coding and programming are the only languages understood. Selby and his students have been enjoying video lessons on how programming  and programming language works.


Compiled by the Hazyview Media Agency.