GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #68

1. From GWF Programmes Manager Maria Awogu, If it is not fun, excellent and challenging the status quo, then it is probably not part of any of GWF’s programmes. Maria’s tweet celebrates both our programmes at two of GWF’s campuses as well as the team that drives the learning.

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2. From GWF. This is definitely one of our proudest moment this week. GWF celebrated a 100% pass rate for ICT Academy as well as the highest mark ever obtained in the ICT Academy in an exam. Well done to the Facilitators as well as top student, Tlangelani Nkuna for their hard work.

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3. From GWF. As the African continent celebrated Africa day, we joined in by posting our symbolic digital tree that roots from our heritage of being Africa and great! Have a look at the answers we got on the posed question on our Facebook page (good work foundation).

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4. From GWF Programmes Manager Maria Awogu. If people are smiling after a two day workshop, we can all guess how the workshop was received. The GWF General Management team had a productive Saturday afternoon, getting to know themselves and team members through analyzing their strengths and weaknesses results from an assessment done by an organization called Top Talent Solution.

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5. From GWF Programmes Manager Maria Awogu. As the organically started organization grows bigger and begins to vision a future of replicating the education revolution, GWF needs to ensure that all of that growing does not leave the team behind. Maria hosted the GWF general management team in a ‘courageous’ meeting to talk about structures and policies to help take GWF to its highest pinnacle.

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6. From, Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Student Khutsho. It is amazing to see the students who three months ago were being introduced to digital and technology, and today are exploring some of those platforms such as Twitter which Khotsho learned about during his media class. Well done to you Khotsho.

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7. From Open Learning Academy Facilitator Arnold Mdluli, There is nothing more pleasant for a digital mathematics facilitator than having every student’s hand confidently raised up to answer questions after an hour of learning maths through gamification apps. These are the results of GWF’s #EducationRevolution!

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8. From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Conservation Coordinator Sibusiso Mnisi. Sibusiso and his conservation team have been at it all week, teaching young rural students about the importance of nature conservation. One of the schools had the Coaching for Conservation (C4C) ‘wrap’ at their own school this week with lots more sports and fun while chanting the infamous Coaching for Conservation song, “respect yourself, respect each other, respect your environment!”

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9. From Justicia Campus Head Linky Nkuna. Linky and her team at Justicia have been hosting students from the Wheelock College at the campus to volunteer in different activities for the next five weeks. The students arrived at a time GWF is busy with interviews and enrollment process of students for Huntington Digital Learning Campus.

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1o. From GWF CEO Kate Groch. The CEO always stresses how not even one of either the GWF staff or students have an excusable reason to be stuck not learning and growing because GWF has created ACCESS for everyone of us at all of its Digital Learning Campuses. This last Saturday, an opportunity to learn about where each of us are strongest and where we are not and how we bring those two to a balance and ensure that we are in roles that we are fit to take on was explored. Thank you to Fred, Busi and Top Talent Solutions for an informative, interactive and fun workshop.

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11. From GWF CEO Kate Groch, last but not least, our hero this week is the strong, determined, and unbelievably fit Head of Philippolis Campus Lulani Vermuulen who climbed 5164 steps of the wall of China in a marathon. Those steps stretch up to 42.2 km and Lulani conquered them like the champion that she is. The GWF pink family is supper proud of your achievement Lulani.


Compiled by the Hazyview Media Agency.