GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #69

1. From Hazyview Campus. This week a former barista student, Apartia Mbambo came to visit and be a teacher to her former Barista Facilitator Teaman Manzini. Apartia was showing Teaman and his current students a few tricks she has learned from her new job as a barista at the OR Thambo International Airport. Thank you Apartia and Teaman for your continued effort.

Capture 1

2. From the campus in the Karoo, Philipollis Digital Learning Campus.  Justicia Digital Learning Campus Bridging Year Coordinator Fumani Mathumbu had his first visit to the Philipollis Campus where he worked with the team that side to help BA students with their Online English track test among other things.

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3. From GWF Finance Coordinator Pearl Makhubela. Pearl was initiated into GWF’s social media this week and managed to send out her first tweet using her newly set up twitter account. Welcome to the social media world Pearl.

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4. From Open Learning Facilitator Arnold Mdluli. Arnold is as excited as everyone who has been watching the grade 4 Open Learning Academy race to get into the campus for digital learning for the last six months. This week, it was time to put all of that to test through a mid term test which will determine the impact and progress our programme have had on all participating schools.

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5. From Open Learning Facilitator Arnold Mdluli. We have had an amazing 2 weeks with German, a young man from New York who understands GWF values and mission fully. German Guzman had been working with all of GWF’s departments during his volunteering time with us and it has been a blast. This last week German was working with Bridging Academy students and even ended up motivating them through telling them his own story during one the mentor sessions. Thank you German.

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6. From Head of Justicia Campus Linky Nkuna. It has been a wonderful week of training and workshops with Charlie and Toby, an American couple who were work-shopping GWF facilitators on English phonics among other activities. Thank you Mama T (Toby) and Charlie and we look forward to more workshops durig your next visit in October.

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7. From Open Learning+ Coordinator Selby Mokoena. The Open Learning Team have been researching and brainstorming about learning app ideas for grade 7 Open Learning Students. Good luck team!

Capture 7

8. From Philipollis Digital Learning Campus. Open Learning is exploding in Philipollis, giving access to digital education to anyone who wants better education, even those as young as this little girl pictured on the tweet. Happy learning Phili.

Capture 8

9. From Open Learning Facilitator Mpho Lebyane. We had not seen Mpho on twitter for a while, we are glad that preparations for the Huntington Campus excited Mpho enough to show herself on the twitter space again. We look forward to the launch and seeing more of Mpho’s twitter updates to the launch in the next week.

Capture 12

10. From Justicia Campus Head Linky Nkuna. Can you feel it, can you smell it…it is the launch of the Huntington Campus right around the corner. Look out for Twitter and Facebook leaks in the nest few days leading to the launch. The digital cloud continues to stretch out reaching more rural communities.

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Compiled by Hazyview Media Agency.