GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #70

1. From the new edition to Good Work Foundation’s education revolution; Huntington Digital Learning Campus. Hundzukani is the first school to access digital education from the Huntington Campus, and in their ow words, this experience made them start to “love learning.”

ca 7

2. From GWF CEO Kate Groch. It has been amazing for Huntington village and its new digital campus to be hosting all the people and partners who made this dream of access to excellent education a reality. Huntington has now pulled up the number of students at GWF’s digital education revolution to more than 5000 learners.

cao 17

3. From GWF. We are pleased to have launched our new campus on youth month, and were also fortunate to have Rhino Africa founder and CEO David Ryan among other amazing individuals write letters to them youth. Visit GWF’s website on to read David Ryan’s letter.

cap 1

4. From the Justicia campus. Open Learning Coordinator Kind Khoza and her team have been at it in Justicia as they continue to brig te world of wonder and learning closer to the rural students of Justiia village.

cap 2

5. From Open Learning+ Coordinator Selby Mokoena. These young champions pose for a photo during one their online video classes.

cap 3

6. From GWF. A huge thank you to all of our partners for believing in our dream to educate rural South Africans. If anyone has not yet had the opportunity to see the new campus, you have been missing out, but here is a preview through wonderfully captured photos, thank you to Jo0-Anne Hay for the beautiful photography on the launch day.

cap 5

7. From Open Learning Facilitator Arnold Mdluli. Like Kate Groch always says, as this ‘thing’ gets bigger and bigger it is not always possible for one person to be in all the places that need someone to be at and do all that needs to be done. We are beyond grateful for Twitter who works as a valuable platform for all of GWF team of more than 80 be updated on the activities from all campuses such as the Open Learning session at the Hazyview campus that Arnold twitted about.

cap 6

8. From Justica Campus Bridging Academy Coordinator Fumani Mathumbu. The Bridging Academy team at Justicia are now just a few weeks before they write another International Computer Driving License test after a 100% pass rate on the previous test.

cap 8

8. From the Huntington Campus. It has been months, weeks and long hours of ticking since the beginning of the Huntington launch and we are pleased that one of those ticks were for a fully installed transformer. Thank you Eskom and the GWF team fr your hard work.

cap 9

9. From GWF. These are some of the photos from the launch that were captured by Jo-Anne Hay. Have a look at more of the photos from the day here.

cap 10

10. From Justicia Campus. We wish all the Justicia Bridging Academy students all the fun as they move onto another module in English.

cap 12

11. From GWF Programmes Manager Maria Awogu. Maria, Linky Nkuna and  took an opportunity of a local fashion show and made it possible for a young rural man with amazing designing talent to see what others like him are doing. It was an amazing day and the young man, came back more inspired.

cap 13

12. From GWF CEO Kate Groch. After the launch when all guests had departed, the team got together in the Huntington barn and enjoyed an award winning documentary about telling African stories by Sembene.

cap 14

12. From GWF CEO Kate Groch. The GWF choir was amazing as they opened the launch of Huntington they African way of song and dance. Once again, the multitasking team had it all under control.

cap 16

13. From GWF Group Media and Communications Coordinator Accolade Ubisi. We are still catching up on all that happened during the launch of the Huntington Campus. visit to see photos from the day.

cap 17

14. From Acting Head of Huntington Digital Learning Campus. The garden is coming on just well and we thank the team who when they were not busy facilitating ICDL or Open Learning classes, they are busy helping out in the gardens and any other tasks that need to be done. This is the amazing multitasking team GWF works with!

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Compiled by the Hazyview Media Agency.